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Peace on Earth

This is my favorite picture. It represents so much of what I believe we all desire. Peace! I'm not sure what he was dreaming of, but if I know my son as I do now at the age of 13, he was probably dreaming of a bouncing ball and the excitement that will await him when he wakes up.

The World is a complicated place, but I know he's not thinking about anything like that. He's not worried about work, or bills. He's not concerned with Family drama or his diet. In fact, I know those worries are the furthest from his mind. Perhaps he has nothing on his mind and he's just in the middle of a great nap...and that's amazing!

This Holiday Season, I would like to wish for all of you to experience the Peace and relaxation of a sleeping baby. May all of you wake up on Christmas Day with the hope and excitement of a child. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.


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